[Megan] Female, late 20s, early 30s.  Caucasian.  5' 9". Guys' Girl. Type A. An Ohioan actress in Los Angeles. An American Fleabag. The real life mix of Robin Sherbatsky, Monica Geller, & Leslie Knope.  See attached for reference.




Actress, Producer & Everything In-Between


>>A mockumentary-style webseries Megan starred in is releasing episodes weekly.  Check out DISADVANTAGE here!

>> Megan produced and starred in a comedy short, TOO IN TENTS, working its way through the festival circuit!

>> Megan started a pop culture awards podcast!  Check out BROADCASTS & BUBBLES here!

>> Megan is in development on a project shooting in Boston in December!

>> Megan was interviewed for VoyageLA.  Check out the article here!




What's she up to now?

Check in here for what's the haps in Megan's life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness!

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